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March 27 2015


Enchanting French Arabian and Oriental Perfumes, composed with Oudh, pure Musk, Ambergris oil, Bakhoor and rare Blossoms - Essences of Paradise.

Ambergris Scents
Precisely what is Amber Musk? It is a fine Mukhallat or Majmua attar of Indian Amber oil and DEER MUSK (moschus moschiferus) oil through the Himalayan region. 

What is Deer Musk Oil? This oil comes from the aromatic substance from the musk gland of the Musk Deer.Pure Musk incorporates endless medicinal benefits.  http://perfumesmellinthings.blogspot.com/2008/08/perfume-review-agarscents-bazaar-al.html

Being a purveyors of Traditional Indian and Arabian Attars, Agarscent Bazaar concentrates on the finest Dhen al Oudh. We also carry high quality Agarwood and Sandalwood chips and made by hand Bakhoor for charcoal burning. Agarscents Bazaar collection of distinguished fine scents encompasses solid perfume creams available crafted wooden containers.  Incense Sticks and Cones

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